E-commerceWhy do small businesses need mobile applications?

Why do small businesses need mobile applications?

In this current competitive world scenario, sustaining in a market for a protracted time isn’t very easy as we predict. One needs to bear many styles of analysis to realize competitive advantage with which one can withhold the position in prevailing markets.

The trends of the business are changing rapidly day by day. Nowadays even purchasing method are also shifting towards mobile (Cashless payments). There is an old saying that “customers are the kings of business”. At the end of the day every business focus on how much of their customers are satisfied. A recent survey shows that people’s spend 174 minutes on mobile devices every day, This statement proves that Smartphones have a very big impact on this new trend.

It’s never too late, “In the end, we only regret the chances that we didn’t take”.

In earlier years, the cost of the app development made it impossible for the small business to get one for them but growth in software development kits which allow even non-coders to create a fully-functioning app actually cut down the cost for creating the app.

Changes are the only thing that never changes in this business world, This fact is very well applicable to this website as well. According to the survey data provided by Corm Score, only 32% of the peoples are using the desktop, where as rest 68% are using smartphones and tablets. Because of this emerging changes, there is a still great hope for the android applications in future were as websites are in the stage of downfall. From this survey, it is clearly seen that mobile dominates in accessing information for some recent years and it is yet to be grown more in future.

In 100 percent, 62 percent of the businesses are already into app or they are into the process of building one for them. In 62 percent,21 percent are into app for branding purpose and rest 41 percent are into the app for support & revenue generation. So business entrepreneurs should be smart enough to market their products through a mobile application to create a brand image of their own. Apps aren’t just for commerce businesses, they can also be used for any type of activity like booking systems, digital magazines, file uploads, logging exercise or nutrition, newsletters, providing information, support, showing videos, vouchers and so much more.

Hope this article provided a clear view about the opportunity available for new business entrepreneurs in the market. For building an app for your new business contact us at hello@limitscale.com

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